Egypt has mainly two seasons: winter and summer. Winter starts in November and ends in April, and summer begins in May and lasts until October. Summer in Egypt is dry and might be scorching at certain times of the day, hence now of year is taken into account the off-season for tourism.

While the climate could also be milder in wintertime, there are some definite benefits to visit Egypt within the summertime. Here’s a glance at the benefits of traveling to Egypt in May, June, July, August, and therefore the first a part of September (later in September and October tend to chill down a bit) additionally as tips, things to determine and do, what to expect weather-wise, and also the basics to pack for your trip. 

Best things to do and see during Summer in Egypt!

Spend time on Egypt’s Beautiful Beaches

While the beaches won’t necessarily be less crowded in warm, sunny weather, summer may be a lovely time of the year to experience the coast in Egypt. Hurghada and Sharm El- Sheikh should top your list of spots to work out if you intend to explore Egypt within the summer. 

You’ll have the maximum amount as 14 hours of sunshine a day–-ideal for sunbathing, wading, swimming, and water sports. There’s more on it bobbing up.